4th and 5th

Conferences Begin

Our student-led SEGA conferences in fourth and fifth grades begin this week. Everyone should have received an email reminder. If you did not, please let me know, and I will send tell the web site to send it again. If you want time to talk privately, please let me know ahead of time so we can make sure your child's presentation ends a bit early.

Fifth Grade Musical

Remember that Wednesday is the fifth grade musical at 7:00 in the Castlio gymnasium. There is a daytime assembly at 2:00 as well.

Book Fair

Buying days begin November 20 and end on November 25. Our purchase day is this Friday, November 21 at 11:30. Books may also be purchased during normal conference hours next week on Monday and Tuesday.


Fifth grade's reading assignments are posted on Schoology. Please have them show you what this is and how they access it. If you have questions after they have shown you, please let me know. The schedule for reading due dates is there as well.

Saeger Band

Saeger's Instrument Selection Night is this Thursday, November 20th at Saeger Middle School. If your child plans to take band next year and your conference is Thursday evening, let me know if there is a conflict. The instructions are to please arrive at the beginning of the time slot and to RSVP if you will be attending. Please review all of the details and possibilities below:

(Please plan to arrive at the beginning
of the time slot)
5:30 PM to 7:00 PM – Students with last names beginning with A-L
7:15 PM to 8:45 PM – Students with last names beginning with M-Z

Please RSVP to this event by going online and visiting

If you cannot attend your assigned time slot, you may select the other. If you are interested in band class and cannot attend on the 20th at all, there is also an option to select for that. We will set up another time to meet with you!

If you have any questions, please contact Shannon Crepps at 636-851-5490 or by email at If you would like to learn a little more about band at Saeger Middle School, please visit our band website:

No previous experience is required on an instrument or in music! Beginning Band students are just that – beginners!


Next Monday is Spectrapalooza. All fifth grade Spectra students meet at St. Charles Community College. The event allows students to meet classmates and next year's middle school Spectra teacher. They will leave Castlio around 9:30 and return at 1:00.

Class Wiki

Remember, if you are helping your child with work at home and need direction as to where to go or what to do, check the class wiki for possible assistance.
If there is information you think should be there but cannot find, let me know. I will make it available.