Speech Laws

Speaker will employ visual, audio, and physical props.

Define what the law means:

What this law basically means is that you include videos, music, images, physical objects and other props successfully into your speech.

Describe the purpose of the law:

The purpose of this law is to give life to your speech and make it entertaining to you and your audience with music, pictures and other props.

Explain what the law looks and sounds like:

What this law would look and sound like is the speaker catching the audience's attention with props that go well with his or her speech. Neither the audience or the speaker look bored and are paying attention to the speech with interest.

Give advice and tips on how to use the law:

A tip I'd give for using this law is when deciding the props you will include in your speech, make sure it'll be entertaining for you and the audience. Always think about your audience. Just because it might to interesting to you doesn't mean your audience is going to find it interesting as well. Also, when presenting, don't put all your focus on your props but also keep looking at your audience while sharing your props.

What two pictures will you show for the law and its usage:

I used these two pictures as examples because they both show two strong examples of people presenting their speeches with pictures or physical props while still speaking with their audience.