The Tundra

By;Luis Torres

The Location and The distrabution of the biome

The Tundra is located all over the world,but here are some locations where the tundra is at
  • Alaska
  • Northern Canada
  • The Edges of Greenland
  • Northern Scandinavia
  • Northern Siberia
  • And some parts of Russia

The Average thempeture of the Tundra

The average temperature for the tundra can be between 10'F-20'F degrees

Total Amount of rain per Year

The Average Rainfall in the Tundra is 6-10 inches of rain,but including the melted snow.

5 Plants that grow in the Tundra

  • The Labrador Tea Plant is know for growing in the tundra.They mostly grow in wet Meadows and they are commonly used for medical purposes
  • The Caribou Moss typically grows on or around rocks to support them self to grow 1-4 inches high
  • The Arctic moss is a very unique plant it can grow on the surface but it's mostly a aquatic plant,this pant does not have a root system,and it has leaves that are only one cell thick.
  • The Pasque Flower can grow up to 6-8 inches tall and can be the color of lavender to almost the color of white,yet it can still withstand the climate of the tundra
  • The Tufted Saxifrage has a very thick stem and has many straight flower stems,this plant also carries small fruit that is full of seeds,the plant only grows in the rocky part of the terrain and can be found in Alaska

5 Animals that live in the tundra

There are many animals in the tundra but these are the most common animals that live in the Tundra
  • The Caribou
  • The Polar Bear
  • The Arctic Fox
  • The bald Eagle
  • and The Lemmings

5 great facts about the the tundra

  • Over recent years, the Arctic region has shrunk due to global warming.
  • The Arctic region is home to the North Pole
  • The name ‘Arctic’ comes from a Greek word meaning ‘near the bear’.
  • The Arctic has a number of natural resources, including fish, oil, gas and various minerals.
  • The coldest recorded temperature in the Arctic is around −68 °C (−90 °F).

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