By: Kristy , Samantha and Toni

Nikes the best shoes ever

Nikes have officially been made the best shoes on the universe. They have sold so many shoes, or should I say sneakers , not just in the U.S. but all over the world . Buy your Nikes today in our store or online your choice but join the crowd and those who have bought Nikes and see why so many people love Nikes.

If you have questions please ask to see Kristy , Sammantha or Toni

Help a child in hunger today !

Have you looked around you not just in your neighborhood but around the world ? We may not see it ,because we don't have to face it but their are kids around us who are dyeing because of hunger while we are stuffing our faces. Please help those who plead for our help, all we ask is for a 25 cent donation a month. Please help us save a child's live.