Republic and Free Market

why these two structures work best together

Our Stance

We believe that a Free market economy and a Republic government work best together.

What is a Republic Government?

In a Republic government supreme power is held by the people. This is possible by electing a president through voting. Some see majority rules as a bad aspect to the system but most would agree that majority is best.

What is a Free Market economy?

A Free Market Economy is a system in which prices are determined by the people. Supply and Demand allow for people to choose what is produced and how much of it. In this system hardwork is rewarded and friendly competition can keep prices fair.

Why they work best together

The two structures work together well because they're both centered around the idea that people choose. By having people vote (Republic) and having the people choose what to produce (Free Market), it allows for a functional country. With individual freedom the majority of citizens will be satisfied.