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In October 2018, the MPAA's update on Online Notorious Markets to the United States Trade Representative, said that the closure of 123movies, 123movieshub, gostream, and gomovies, on foot of a criminal investigation in Vietnam in 2018, was "an important development" in combatting illegal film piracy services. However, the MPAA report also noted that numerous copycat sites had emerged in at least eight other countries. In November 2018 TorrentFreak reported sites connected or similar to 123Movies such as WatchAsap had also been shut down by the FBI, but were re-directing to other file sharing sites.

Those who are fond of watching movies online must be aware of 123Movies web that is a host to free yet consistent movie-streaming services. But it is not just 123Movies, there are various others sites and movie-streaming is actually no exception. However there are reasons why 123Movies attains an upper edge. In the present article, we will provide a brief on how 123Movies is better compared to other sites and also which other websites you can refer if you are interested in 123Movies alternatives.

About 123Movies

123Movies is an online movie-streaming service which provides free movie and TV shows featuring all over the world. Other than popular movies and TV shows, the website also features a vast range of less popular titles, individual films and documentaries etc.

One point of distinction between 123Movies and other sites is that many sites in its range offer mostly CAM or 720p quality without the full HD or 4K compatibility; however in 123Movies most of its offers feature the Full HD quality.

Also 123Movies offers a huge library of streams, so you can easily find even the most distinct titles and not face any trouble like in other sites. 123Movies has a fairly easy navigation which makes the search for content movies much easier to perform.

There are a couple of ways based on which users can easily search for movies. It may be based on genres and categories, or can be filtered based on alphabetical order, rating on IMDB, time of adding, and more. The featured list of available movies lets you know about all the movies you can see from if you are not able to decide what to watch.

Another benefit of 123Movies is that service is entirely free to use, and there’s no registration required whatsoever. So the user can watch movies only a few clicks away after entering the website and without any limit on the number of movies one can watch per day.

Issues with 123Movies

While 123Movies is a likeable place for watching movies online, over the years, shutdowns and other disruptions in the Vietnam-based site has impacted its services.

Though the network still operates on many clone sites, those sites are becoming few and far between not letting the users watch always when they want.

Alternatives to 123Movies

You need not wait to watch your favourite movie if 123Movies is not working because there are equally good options which we have collated for you in this article. Read on to know which all sites can suit your requirements.

1. Amazon Prime - Prime Videos, a platform by Amazon is one of the most popular and a commonly taken names to watch movies, series etc. Present in more than 200 countries, it is a one-stop-shop for all your entertainment-related needs.

You can use it to watch movies, TV shows as well as produce originals like Netflix. Amazon Prime offers high-quality videos and engaging stories. You are sure to find it worth the cost.

If you have the Prime account, you get an advantage of getting prior delivery of your products that you purchase from the Amazon store. While Amazon Prime is a paid service, you get a 30 days free trial service to ensure yourself of its service.

2. Netflix - Netflix is one of the most popular sites and dominating name in this space. It lets you watch movies, TV shows and Netflix originals for a monthly subscription amount. Since Netflix is a worldwide platform, you can watch movies and shows from across the globe.

Netflix is an American entertainment company found in 1997, which is fast spreading the network all over the world.

3. Showbox - Showbox is available on many mobile devices, but you can use it on a desktop computer if you use the Bluestacks program to use the app on your computer.

Showbox provides you the facility to adjust the quality of the stream based on your device or box. Also you can save items in your library if you want, which gives you quick access to the things you love the most.

4. SolarMovie – This is one of the most popular free movie streaming sites which offer you a vast collection of not just movies in high-quality video but also the popular TV series from different countries.

Benefit here is that you can watch movies or TV shows without creating any account. So if you are not the one who likes creating account to watch movies, SolarMovie can be your choice which lets you watch your favourite movie or show without wasting any time.

5. Vumoo – If you know the name of the movie you want to watch right away, Vumoo can be your first stop and one of the best options too. Vumoo offers various streams, also including for some of the most popular new television shows around.

You don’t need to create an account to watch movies on Vumoo. Simply going to Vumoo can let you watch the movie you want and check for the sections for the newest releases.

6. YesMovies

YesMovies is a hub of nonstop entertainment and come across as one of the best alternatives to 123Movies. If you want to watch the trending movies and TV series in high-quality HD video, you can switch to this site.

The site provides you the option to check and watch the trending movies on IMDB and also makes it easier for the users to browse through a great collection of famous movies based on the country and other parameters.

7. Openloadfree TV - This site is like 123Movies in a couple of ways. It has a huge movie library, ample TV shows, and categories them based on year, genre, country, and IMDB rating.

Also for parents who want to entertain their children with good animated movies and TV shows, it is a great option.

Also you need not register on to the site to start watching.

8. Watch Free – Like the name of the site is, you can watch movies for free on Watch Free.

But what makes Watch Free a little different is that the site does not operate with a traditional database. The detailed approach to searching content on the site helps you make the most out of your entertainment.

Also the site does not works on the traditional data base but offers links that bring you to the different places that you can watch these movies at.

9. Go Movies - While it lets you stream your favourite movies, you can also download movies and watch them later on when you are offline using Go Movies.

It has one of the amazing criteria of searching movies. Based on what was the most viewed movie and which people are giving the most favourable ratings too, you can search for a movie. This makes it one of the best alternatives to 123Movies.

10. 123movies4u - 123movies4u is another good alternative to 123Movies that offers a wide collection of popular movies and TV series. Here you have the option to browse through the collection of movies based on the genre and can also check the top IMDB collection.

What make this site interesting is that it is clean, simple for the users to use and you really need not be annoyed by those annoying popup ads while you try to watch a movie.

11. Watchseries - Like above, here also you don’t have to adjust with the popup ads before you start the movie. So opting for Watchseries lets you enjoy the movies without any distractions and fast streaming.

The site lets you browse through the different genres of movies and TV series and have a non-interrupted entertainment

12. Moonline TV – Moonline TV is another great alternative to 123Movies alternative which is has a lot of features making it much better compared to a number of sites.

You are sure to fall in love with its fast loading speed, avoiding that irritating buffering. There are various categories to perform the search like, sorting in alphabetical order, year, country, and IMDB rating.

There is no need to register and has fewer ads compared to other sites in the competition.


There are various options you can choose from when it comes to alternatives to 123Movies. Having knowledge about such sites make it easier to decide and avoid cribbing when 123Movies is not accessible.

There are a lot many other options available too but we have tried to bring forth you some of the most commented sites. Not to forget there are paid options too like Hulu and Netflix.

Based on your experience, feel free to comment which site you found to be the best alternative to 123Movies.