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How to Raise Personal Funds for OLR

In addition to the sample sponsor letter attached to this newsletter, below are a few ways to rake in some cash for OLR.

  • Yergey Library The Yergey Library at the Cathedral is offering $10 an hour to any participant willing to help out in the library. Contact Ashlie Darley for more details.
  • EYC Breakfast Help out during our Monthly EYC Fellowship Breakfast. All funds raised will be equally divided to each participant! Contact JJ for more info.
  • Sponsor Letters The Sample Sponsor Letter is a great way for to rake in some serious cash. In the past, participants have paid for their entire trip on the sample letter funds alone. Try not to send letter to church members unless they are family or close family friends. Focus on individuals who are not apart of the church but care about you such as; Grandparents, aunts, uncles, coaches, teachers and other instructors who have impacted your life, friends, friends parents, etc. The possibilities are endless, but hopefully this will give you a good start.

Have Fun!

Please Read Carefully

The payment schedule for the mission trip to OLR is below. I have not recieved the $100 deposit from a few of our participants with no communication or alternative arrangement for the deposit. I'm able and willing to work with whomever wants to be apart of the OLR team, however, failure to meet deadlines or communicate alternative payment options will result in an unfortunate removal from the team list. Call or e-mail immediately if you have not made the first deposit.

Also, check your passport now! Check the expiration date on your passport. It must be valid for at least six months after our arrival date. Please take a photo of your passport’s first page and email it to me. Get your shots now. We are recommending that you include the Dengue Fever vaccine.


Planning Meeting/ Payment Schedule

MAY 15: Payment $200, Meeting 4:00pm

JUNE 12: Payment $200, Meeting 11:45am
JUNE 26: Payment $200, Meeting 11:45am

The final payment amount will decrease based on future fundraising efforts!