Sexy Sugar - The Silent Killer

Free Workshop Exposing the Truth About Sugar

Kick your sugar addiction to the curb!

Sugar: Sweet, sassy, sexy, and seductive.

Gorgeous cupcakes, smooth dairy-rich chocolate, biscuits, crisps, the power juice to pick you up, a deep red glass of wine and the pasta dinner, the innocent pint or two after a hard day’s work, all of our favourite comfort foods...

If sugar had a voice, it would be the woman’s voice from the M&S commercial advertising their beautiful food. It’s too hard to resist!

What we don’t know about sugar will kill us, and it’s already making us sick, fat, tired, moody…the list goes on.

Sugar tastes so good, even cancer loves it.

What’s worse, is that sugar is as addictive as cocaine and heroine, and as difficult to kick the habit.

Guaranteed to be a little bit fun and highly interactive

What's up for discussion?

  • How to identify hidden sugars in processed food through food labels
  • The dangers of sugar in all it's forms
  • Get real, I'm not giving it up completely (and why you don't have to)
  • Are all sugars alike?
  • Custard's last stand and why cravings are so powerful?
  • Let's be practical, ideas for cutting down your sugar and processed food load & more

Mark your diary for April 12th, 10-11 am in Consett Book now to reserve your space. Limited seating is available. After booking, print off your ticket for the event. Directions will be on the ticket.

Laurie Hill - Qualified Health Coach

Losing 70 lbs. and overcoming her own sugar addiction through positive lifestyle changes, Laurie Hill has been helping people find their way too good health.