Animal Farm

By: Lauren Blackwell


Boxer is a hardworking, because he was the animal on the farm that worked the most on the windmill. He would get up early and work until sunset, carrying and pulling heavy supplies. Boxer was also determined. He wanted to finish the windmill, no matter what the cost.

" I will work harder."

Boxer lived his life on this quote, he worked as hard as he could until the day he died. This quote carried him through the hardest work, and toughest days on the farm.

The Dangers of Being Educated

The pigs thought they were better than all the other animals and desevred better treatment, because they were the only animals on the farm that were highly educated. This lead to the pigs being trearted much better than the others. For example, they recicved better food and better housing.

Important Events

Boxer was a very well known horse on the farm for is hard-work and determintion. One day, Boxer was going to the fleid alone to work on the windmill, he was pulling a bag of stone when he fell onto his side. Boxer couldnt get up and two pigeons rushed to the sceen. Every animal run to the knoll when the heard the commotion. His eyes were glazed and blood was coming out of his mouth. Clover asked him what was wrong and Boxer said it was his lung. Boxer stayed in the barn for a couple of days for the hositpal to come. When they arrived,Benjamin read the side of the van. He yelled out "Fools!" because the side of the van read Horse Slaughterer. Boxer was already in the van when the found out. He tried his hardest to get out, but it was to late. Boxer was never seen again.


The seven commandments are like laws. In the book Animal Farm, the animals lived off the 7 commandments. They are like laws and rules for us. We live off our laws and if we brake them, we get in major trouble. It is the same for the seven commandments.
The Beatles - Come Together

Come Together- Extra Credit

I think the song Come Together by The Beatles is a great song to describe Animal Farm. It reminds me of how they all came together to rebel against Mr. Jones, and they did get the farm by coming together and rebelling.