3rd Grade Coral Reef Poetry


Your task is to write a poem about the coral reef that goes along with the project you are making in art class.

  • You will write your poem using a form on the computer, and then we will record you reading your poem.

  • We will then use something called a QR code, so people can listen to you reading your poem.

  • You have 4 different poetry types to choose from. None of your poems need to rhyme.

  • Make sure you print and give your poem to Mrs. Wagner when you are done.



Creepy, sinister,

Hiding, lurking, stalking,

Vampires, mummies, werewolves, and more—

Chasing, pouncing, eating,

Hungry, scary,


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Wind blows

Ice gets on cars

Never is hot

The weather is cold

Everything freezes

Ready for snow

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