Back-to-School Health & Safety Plan

August 18, 2021 Release

We first want to thank you for your patience!

On behalf of the Perry Local Schools' Board of Education, we thank you for your patience and understanding that we have held off communications due to the constant and rapid change of information. Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive, and connected in-person learning campus for the entire 2021-2022 school year! We are introducing Tyto Care School Health Supports to the entire Perry School Community to show just how committed we are to this goal!

Introducing Tyto Care School Health

Last month our Board of Education entered into an agreement with Health Partners of Western Ohio to provide remote clinician access to all students, families, and employees. This new partnership gives our Nurse Gina the ability to connect students, staff, and families with a clinician or specialist for a remote examination and diagnosis or specialist consult.

Our current school nursing facility will be transformed into a comprehensive yet affordable telehealth clinic through Tyto Care for School Health. Be sure to watch for more details and registration information coming in your back-to-school handouts. Meanwhile, you can learn more from the video link below.

Tyto Care School Health

Click to see a quick video about the amazing benefits that Tyto Care will bring to Perry!

As we have prepared for this school year, we have been in regular communication with Allen County Public Health and surrounding school leaders. The Perry Local Schools have adopted Allen County Public Health and CDC position that universal masking is a recommendation.

We will strongly encourage the use of masks by all staff and students in our facilities but will not require masks inside of our facilities at this time. Read on to find out more.

Please note there is an active CDC Order mandating masks on school buses. This federal mandate clearly applies to school buses. The Perry Local Schools will require passengers and drivers on all school transportation to wear masks when required by laws and regulations.

Masks/Face Coverings

As we prepare for the school year, we ask that you have honest discussions with your child about what to expect when they return. In a mixed mask environment, there will be some who are most comfortable masking at all times and others who will choose to never wear a mask unless required. We cannot possibly understand everyone’s experiences or comfort level with attending school but we must all commit to being respectful of each other.

As a district, we will work to create safe and inclusive environments where we support all children, regardless of this personal decision. Perry Local School employees will be prepared to spontaneously mask up as a demonstration of our commitment to teaching and modeling civic responsibility within a tight-knit community. We will not tolerate bullying comments or behavior. Please communicate with your child’s teacher or principal if they are experiencing these behaviors at school.

Under the authority of the Ohio Revised Code Section 3313.67 the Perry Local Schools will make and enforce rules to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. We are fully prepared to adjust masking requirements, including implementing universal masking, as necessary. Be sure you don't miss important alerts by opting into schoolmessenger.

COVID-19 Protocols

Perry will continue to fully cooperate with Allen County Public Health. Allen County Public Health will continue to perform contact tracing and identification of close contacts. Anyone who has a positive COVID-19 test result will need to isolate.


Perry will continue to use enhanced cleaning protocols and vendor-recommended products to clean classrooms, highly-used spaces, and buses. In addition, we will continue to provide hand sanitizer stations. HVAC systems will also continue to use upgraded MERV 11 air filters in the elementary and Johnson Controls service technicians will advise our facility manager on monitoring and maximizing ongoing fresh airflow.

Safety Protocols

  • Masks required on all school transportation services due to federal order
  • No shared school supplies
  • Water fountains will continue to be disabled
  • Clinic protocols will align with any health requirements
  • Congregating in hallways discouraged
  • Assigned seating in classrooms, at lunch, and on the bus

US Department of Agriculture will provide one FREE breakfast and lunch for EVERY student this school year.


  • Classroom space will again be used to relieve cafeteria crowding
  • Students will be assigned to self-selected or designated seats and cafeteria areas
  • Social distancing will be encouraged in cafeteria food service lines
  • Serving lines and tables will be sanitized between each group/class
  • No sharing food or drinks
  • Lunch visitors will remain restricted


  • Masks required on all school transportation services due to federal order
  • Assigned seating required
  • Family members will be seated together as much as possible
  • Students should remain forward-facing in their seats at all times with masks on
  • Upon arrival to school or home, follow the bus driver directions to safely exit the bus
  • Parents should direct their child(ren) on when/if to remove their mask after exiting the bus

Hygiene Protocols

  • Handwashing routines will continue with a campaign to help students keep hands away from face, mouth, and eyes as much as possible
  • Hand sanitizers available in classrooms and high traffic areas
  • High touch surfaces will be frequently sanitized throughout the school day
  • Restrooms will be cleaned as recommended
  • Hand washing encouraged after removing any mask
  • Desks will be wiped down between classes or when students are changing desks


  • All designated restrooms open for student/staff use
  • Socially distance based upon capacity
  • All sinks, stalls and urinals may be used
  • Frequent inspection and cleaning of restrooms


Ohio immunization requirements for school districts are set by Ohio Revised Code, not by local school districts. Ohio House Bill 244 (HB 244), signed by Governor Mike DeWine on July 14, 2021, prohibits public schools in Ohio from mandating vaccines not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

As such, Perry does not require students and staff to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Perry will continue to communicate vaccination opportunities for eligible persons who wish to become vaccinated.


Perry Local Schools allows approved volunteers, visitors, and mentors on campus for the 2021-2022 school year. As always, please contact your building principal for information and building-specific procedures for becoming an approved volunteer and for attending on-campus events.

All visitors must present a valid photo ID at the front office when signing in prior to being approved to access the learning environment. We expect that all visitors follow the same health and safety guidelines as staff and students to maintain a healthy learning environment.

NOTE: Lunch visitors will remain restricted.


If you are not currently receiving emails and text messages from Perry Local Schools, please contact your child's school office to confirm your contact information is correct and be sure to "opt-in" to our mass notification system-SchoolMessenger.

Ohio Department of Health Director's Order requiring reporting and notification regarding COVID-19 cases in kindergarten through twelfth grade remains the same as last year.

  • Parents or guardians of students and school staff who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, whether by laboratory test or through clinical examination should notify the school no later than 24 hours after receiving a confirmed diagnosis.
  • Schools should notify parents and guardians of students of the existence of the case and share as much information as possible without disclosing protected health information within 24 hours of receiving a confirmed diagnoses report.

Night Before School Event

As we all look upon the opening of the 2021-2022 school year, may we carry forward with us in our minds and memories the strength of our Perry Family and our resolve to make the best of things together! I am incredibly thankful for the grace, flexibility, and patience that our entire school community has demonstrated!

We appreciate your support in adhering to our health and safety plan, and we genuinely are excited to welcome students back! Come check us out the Night Before School on August 29th from 6:30 to 7:30 PM. This quick check-in hour the night before school is a great way to make sure the first day goes smoothly! We can't wait to see you.


Kelly L. Schooler, Ed.D.