Shining Stars Newsletter!!!

Next week is Gardening Week:

Monday: Painting with vegetables

Tuesday: Bird feeders/Ms.Kelly

Wednesday: Water play (bring clothes, towel, or swimsuits)

Thursday: Veggie tasting/Garden alphabet

Friday: Garden party

This week, we focused on creating gifts for our mothers. We started off with making cards to go with our flower picture frames, decorating our gift bags to put them in. Also, this week we had fun exploring water and different kinds of water we can drink and play in! The question of the week was “What do you love most about your mommy?”

Ryan-Her kisses

Jacob- When she makes me cheeseburgers

Carson-Her hugs – I love her

Julian-Her car

Daniel- Her hair

Emmitt-Her car

Aspen- She tells me she loves me

Mieka-When she makes me cupcake play dough

Harlee-When we cook together and play together

Kyleigh-Her hugs

Piper- Her hair

Teagan-Her eyes

Bonnie- When she says she loves me

Franny- Her pretty feet

Clara- When she plays the hippo game

Camryn- When she makes play dough with me

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Jennifer, Ms. Lin, Ms. Holly and Ms. Jalissa


Happy Mother’s day to you all! Hope you have a great day on Sunday!

Thanks to all who thought of us during Teacher Appreciation week! We appreciate each and every one of you!