Investment planning Australia

The Investment planning Australia gives you access to a market-leading diversified feature, letting you borrow against twice as many securities than the other investment planners, to either increase your borrowing power or reduce the risk of a margin call if the market falls.

It is suitable if you want to:

  • have direct real-time control over a leveraged investment portfolio,

  • diversify your asset base to increase investment assets outside of superannuation, and

  • Effectively manage the cost of borrowing and gain access to potential tax efficiencies.

Investment planning Australia also makes you be eligible for discounted brokerage and variable interest rates through our Rewards program.

This loan is not suitable if you want to purchase managed funds or use options as part of your investment strategy.

Building an investment portfolio can help you create a more secure and sustainable financial future and give you the freedom to live life how you want to, not how your bank balance dictates. Investment planning Australia can give you professional advice about which investment option, or mix of investments, best suits your individual needs. When you’re ready to start investing, consider scheduling a no-obligation consultation – and we’ll cover the cost of your first appointment.

Term deposits

If you prefer the security of investing for a specified period of time and knowing what your investment will be worth at the end, a term deposit by Investment planning Australia may be right for you.

Cash Investment Account

If you have a large lump sum that you’d like to earn interest on while you plan your next investment move, you may want to consider opening a Cash Investment Account.

Managed funds

If you’re looking for access to a variety of sophisticated investment types, or asset classes, managed funds may be right for you. They’re an easy way to diversify your portfolio, and your money is managed by professionals from Investment planning Australia.

Investment Growth Bond

Combining the benefits of a managed fund with the security of a life insurance policy in a simple, tax-effective investment vehicle, the Investment Growth Bond by Investment planning Australia offers a range of investment options.

Fixed returns on your terms

Investment planning Australia offers term deposit is an investment where the interest rate is guaranteed not to change for the nominated term, so you'll know exactly what your investment's worth.

Investment planning Australia (residential property investment)

To fund its operations, each year Investment planning Australia sells a limited number of properties to investors under a leaseback arrangement. The site outlines Investment planning Australia property investment and its benefits.

Investment planning Australia (Foreign Investment)

Investment planning Australia examines proposals by foreign interests to undertake direct investment in Australia and makes recommendations to the Government on whether those proposals are suitable for approval under the Government's policy for people.

Investment planning Australia (Money Smart)

If you have superannuation or shares, you can consider yourself an investor. Whether you are an experienced investor or a beginner, there are plenty of steps you can take to grow your money and keep it safe. Investment planning Australia has various options for you to choose from.


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