Visual Identity

About Me:

My name is Jeymie, I am from PR.I love everything that has to do with art. Thinking about double majoring in Geology and Art. Favorite colors are blue and black. Favorite animals are the koala and owl( I just think their laziness is adorable), but i want a pig so i can name it bacon. Favorite sports are soccer and baseball.Fun facts:I play 7 instruments, I come from a big family ( I have 3 brothers and 4 step brothers,yes i am the only girl) I have a green birthmark on my nose so don't ask me if i was working with crayons, pens or if i showered.

Everything awesome starts with a blank paper.

Drawing Time Lapse: Subway Car Interior



Release Me/Bulletproof (Pitch Perfect Mash-Up) by rexisaur_