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Harlingen CISD :: Campus Principals

An elementary principal approached me at the end of the session. He declared, "This training is needed in all of our schools. What I learned today in the half-day session about my principal colleagues, took me a year and half to learn about my administrative leadership team. Every campus would benefit from this training."

Houston Zoo :: Self & Team Awareness Workshop

One staff member shared, "After seeing the U-shape exercise where we learned to become more aware of each other's strengths and potential limiters helps me better understand who from the other side of the U would be a resource to me. I now have a way of knowing who can offer me a different perspective. This could quite possibly give me a better way to solve a problem."

The coordinating executives all responded positively to the workshop. We will continue to expand the process of intentional leadership in February with the same leadership team.

IT @ Sam :: Sam Houston State University

From the start of the day, the entire technology department was ready to have meaningful dialogue in their full-day Self & Team Awareness Workshop. The members of the team stated that the training gave them a greater sense of how to improve communication with each other. Since they are trained to problem solve issues that arise daily with software, computers, networks and everything technology, perhaps speed wasn't always the best option to solve a problem. A reflective participant added, "Taking the necessary time to give people to process could give us a clearer understanding of the issue at hand and time to solve it."
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Mission & Vision

Mission: E-Colors in Education is a public charity that is dedicated to delivering valuable, authentic and mindful coaching, as well as personal and professional development to every school in every nation.

Vision: Positively influencing every student, parent, educator and collaborator to become effective communicators, intentional leaders and caring citizens