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Pre-K 1 Newsletter

3 Day Week : Short But Sweet Week

  • Winter I spy and Christmas Tree Memory
  • Winter pattern blocks
  • Decorated mini trees
  • Lots of Practicing for the Christmas Pageant
  • Performing at the Christmas Pageant
  • Having refreshments together and being social
  • Pajama day filled with Christmas stories and being cozy

Merry Christmas!

Thank you!

I wanted to say thank you to the parents that brought in snacks for refreshments after the pageant and Thank you to all that were able to come and see us perform. I know some missed it due to work and that happens, it is life. We made sure to carefully explain to the kids that not all parents can leave work, We let them know that the pageant was for family and FRIENDS and we wanted to see them preform. They did great, a little nervous compared to practice but still great!

No More Money!

Recently it has become a trend for the kids to bring change to school. I have no clue what started it but there is no need for it. There is nothing for them to purchase here and all I have been doing is collecting it and putting it in baggies to send home. Please keep all change at home!
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