Likes Before Love

Creating 'likes' & more chances to convert them to customers

So you've got a Facebook page...and it's not working out. And maybe you've tried Facebook Ads.

Getting seen in the Facebook newsfeed is hard. Post reach is dropping. Likes are hard to come by. Maybe you spent a few ringgit. And you found that it didn't work. Or it did, but it was too expensive. What if there was a better way to do it?
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Anyone can sing, anyone can dance, anyone can buy Facebook ads - it's a matter of how well you can do it.

Just like how you would hire a dance trainer or a vocal coach, wouldn't you want someone that can train you to make your Facebook page better and more engaging?
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What if you could learn...

  • What to post on your page? Sometimes you're stuck for ideas. With me, you won't be. I've helped over 100 Facebook Page owners with their pages - including 2 in the 1 million+ likes range.
  • When to post & how? What time you post also affects whether your post is seen. And did you know that text, images, and links all rank differently in the newsfeed?
  • How often you should post? Did you know that you have to post more often when your page is still below 1000 likes?
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Here's why you'll want me to handle your Facebook advertising - no matter if it's your personal page, or business.

First off. Facebook tells me from my campaign reports that my ads perform better than "80%-99% of other Pages Targeting Malaysians". I've even achieved USD0.00 per like before. That's not an error, that's only because Facebook only shows two decimals maximum. So the amount per like was less than one cent USD. But I'm not just about the likes. I'm about the love too, and I'll help you attract more people to your page :)

Wanna see more?

I'll help start the spark, and my Facebook ad optimization for your page will fuel for the fire.

Benefit from what I've learnt from others mistakes and my own - and get to where you want quicker. Each package purchase above RM300 allows you access to complimentary consulting from me throughout the advertising period.
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Start today with packages starting from just RM200 per month.

For the price of a weekend's shopping, you can be on your way to a better social media presence on Facebook. Click the link below to see the full presentation.

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