Biome project

Tundra. By:Cameron Swanzy

Abiotic and biotic in the tundra

There are many of living animals in the tundra like the polar bear and elk,oxen and Moses.

Also abiotic things like rocks,water,temperature,sun,wind and snow.

The artic tundra on average is -7 degrees farinite and receives 6-10 inches of precipitation. There are no trees in tundras and herbivores have to feed of of grasses mosses and fungi. The tundra only gets two months of summer so the rest of the year is very cold.the soil type is permafrost which only supports some plants. The tundra shares with the ocean in housing certain animals like seals or walrus. Humans have been effecting the tundra by destroying areas of the tundra and because of air pollution. We are preventing the destruction of our tundras by blocking of land to humans and cutting back on drilling in tundra area.

Fun fact: tundra is the least inhabited biome of all