Intentional Deception For Gain

Phishing & Smishing

Phishing is where you are sent a fake email to get you to provide your personal information. They could look like a email from your bank saying they needed your email. Smishing is the same thing with texting. You could be sent a fake text message saying you won something so you will click on a link to give out your information. On top of giving out your information your phone bill could end up getting charged.

Retail & Auction

Retail and Action fraud is where you buy something online and are sent something else or don't get anything at all. To avoid this you should always buy from safe wed sites like Amazon.

Work at Home

You pay for a kit to start and "easy" job at home that pays well. But in order to get payed you give out your social security number and bank information. This leads to identity theft.

How to Avoid Fraud

  • Do not reply to email's that ask for personal information
  • Research institutions
  • Look at customer ratings
  • If it looks too good to be good…. learn more about fraud