Information designed the perfume Dyte

The Dyte perfume is created by Aphrodite the goddess of beauty love romance, Christian she created this perfume for women to have a better smell and a better life with Perfume Dyte.

Information about our product and fragrance Dyte

The Dyte fragrance is the most popular and the best fragrance that women can buy have Perfumes and cream lotion for face have everything a woman needs to look beautiful and like queens

Here are several photos of Aphrodite to see that the creams perfumes come from nature and the sea

Dyte Perfume

Information About The Perfume Dyte

The Dyte perfume is created just for women comes from nature and is a product that brings all the perfume and lotion face lotion. The Dyte perfume is recommended by our buyers and goddesses who use the Dyte brand is the best in the United States and Latin America.

As we did the perfume Dyte

Today many essential oils that form the basis of a perfume produced artificially in the laboratory by odor molecules, but the most exclusive brands still use flowers and plants. Its olfactory qualities depend on factors such as time of collection. Jasmine, for example, should be caught at dawn, before the sun exhausts its smell. Flowers are then placed in a maceration or methanol-ethanol solvent for waxes and plant essences are diluted when the solvent is evaporated, a paste is called concrete. After this is dissolved in alcohol and distilled to get the absolute, a thick liquid that is the pure essence of the plant in question. To get a kilo of absolute jasmine or rose are required nothing short of 2-4 tonnes of flowers!

At the end is the nose or perfumer, who as a painter mixes colors, must develop the perfume nose playing with a palette of hundreds or even thousands of fragrances with which to work. Its ability to combine and harmonize the aromatic tones you choose will depend on the final outcome lies in the jar.

The Dyte Perfume

The Dyte perfume was one of the best perfumes perfumes in 2013 we broke the record for the amount of perfume that we sold and in 2014 also we hope that in this 2015 we do well and we sell many of our products are recommended by many of our buyers. Our goddess Aphrodite would be very happy with this perfume was she who created the Perfume Dyte and leave it to Pamela Hidalgo when she died. We are very happy with our product for the beauty of every woman. thank you very much for all your support.


Live better with our brand Dyte perfume for women to feel beautiful inside and out