5 Apps for an Elementary Classroom

Apps to engage students and simplify teaching

#1: Remind

The first app is Remind. This free tool allows teachers to securely interact with parents and/or students through mobile devices. It sends instant reminders of homework assignments, exams or simply just updates to those who have signed up using the unique class code. This allows for extremely efficient communication. Remind is also very secure. It allows for this communication to be done without any party seeing the other's phone numbers or emails.

Remind can be used in the classroom in several ways. As mentioned before, it can be to alert students or parents about upcoming events such as homework assignments or exams. To me, the best part about Remind is that it communicates quickly. The way I would use Remind would mostly be to communicate with parents. As a future elementary school teacher, I realize that a lot of the communication between children and their parents gets missed or simply skewed. There are students who are especially poor at communicating school information to their parents, and this tool would help these children by informing the parents directly about small or large assignments, or any other communication that might have been forgotten on the way home.

Sign up for teachers, students and parents is found at https://www.remind.com/

#2: Rhythm Cat

Rhythm Cat is another free app that provides a fun way for students to learn about music reading and rhythm. In an elementary school, this could be used by a music teacher to show the basics of rhythm to younger grades, and the beginning aspects of reading music to older students. This app has games and activities that build in difficulty, and could be used as a fun homework activity following a similar lesson in class. Alternatively, it could be used in class to break up the monotony of reading music, or to build upon a lesson on rhythm. Completing higher levels on their own time would also allow students to get a sense of what they were going to learn in upcoming classes, and be prepared for more difficult subjects by already having some practice.

More information about Rhythm Cat can be found at https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/rhythm-cat-lite-hd-learn-to/id505012140?mt=8

#3: Monster Physics

For an engaging way to teach students about science topics in Elementary, using Monster Physics is a great app. On this app, students can build animated contraptions with wheels, propellors and magnets, among other things, plus use different materials. Students can connect all the moving parts, and then bring their invention to life, to see how it would work. I would use this alongside a unit on pulleys and levers, wheels, or bridges to show how to build these types of structures virtually, and test them out in a way that is relevant to today's student.

Check it out at https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/monster-physics/id505046678?mt=8

#4: I Can Write 2

I Can Write 2 is designed to help children become independent writers. This app allows children to improve their writing skills in a fun way. This interactive and engaging app can create writers out of students who hated writing. I would use this app as part of a homework assignment. As it is generally used independently, and allows for the student to correct his or her own mistake, it is the perfect tool for some extra work at home, because it does not require extra help from the teacher, other students or parents.

Download it here https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/i-can-write-2/id500152476?mt=8

#5: The Grouchies

This app could be used very easily in an elementary classroom as a learning opportunity for those students who are displaying a bad attitude, or a bad mood. When these types of behavior arise, the student could be asked to go onto this app, and discover some strategies for cheering up, or to learn about how their attitude can affect those around them. It would be an effective distraction from their current mood as it is meant to cheer the student up, and teach them about dealing with their emotions.

This app can be downloaded at https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/grouchies-by-debbie-wagenbach/id385919059?mt=8

Below are examples of each app being used!

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