Bud2Bud Caregivers

Saturday 2/8/2014

What We Do

We cultivate and cure MMJ for those who are wanting an alternative to the, sometimes deadly, drugs forced upon us by those who are only interested in how much money you will pay for them.

We also work very hard to provide, to those who do not smoke, a way to ingest cannabis with our incredible "Okie cookies". Made from Omega3 smart balance oil and infused with high levels of THC and CBD through our special slow cooking methods. This produces a great relaxing high that will help with sleep and healing the body, as a whole.

Weekly Deals

Offer Good 2/8 - 2/15

This week you will recieved a free grab bag with any donation of $50+.

These grab bags have a variety of bud, concentrates, edibles, smoking accessories and luck of the pot coupons and discount codes. Today may be your lucky day and you may get the Mega High grab bag which includes everything!

Happy Highs!!!