Kayak slide.

Waimarino Adventure Park is surrounded by native bush and forest along with the beautiful wairoa river. Although there are lots of fun activities at Waimarino the kayak slide is one of the most exciting and thrilling.

The safety briefing is delivered to you about things you will have to do and wear to keep you safe on the slide. There is also more than one way to go down the slide. The most popular choice is going down on a slippery, foam mat (but if you would rather go down a bit slower, the mat is a good option).

When you finally are all geared up with your equipment it's time to go up for a walk where your buzzing with excitement and and a bit of doubt and nerves. Get ready for a jam-packed, fast and exciting trip down the slide.

While your on the slide you probably are experiencing unexpected drops, uneven surfaces and you propelling forwards at a rising speed. When you are nearing the end, refreshing water will be sprayed in your face and the next thing you know your flying in mid air and then gravity takes over. When you hit the water you would probably feel a strong, sudden impact. You might be a little bit shocked at first but you soon are back up and doing it again.

Waimarino is an exciting place to go and has a lot more thrilling activities up it's sleeve waiting for you.