The Atlanta Hawk Experience

The Kyle Korver Foundation

General Information

Four Atlanta Hawks fans will have the opportunity to be a part of the ultimate fan experience. These fans will get a tour of the stadium, get to meet the players and much more. Bidding for the event will take place on Monday September, 22.


The fans that win the bidding will receive an all inclusive trip. Meals and food at the game will provided for the fans. Lunch will be provided by Rathbuns. Dinner will then be provided by The Sundial Restaurant and Bar. All of the fans will also get to meet the entire Atlanta Hawks team before the game and be on the court for pre game warm-ups.All of the fans will be taken on a VIP tour of the stadium and will get to see the players locker rooms and players lounge. Each of the four fans will receive courtside seats right next to the Atlanta Hawks players bench. Fans can be any age to attend the event. The fans can not bring someone with them. Each of the four winning fans will receive game worn jerseys signed by Kyle Korver, the Atlanta Hawks shooting guard and also the founder of the charity that will receive the money raised by the event. IF you do not live in Atlanta we will pay for your airfare and you will fly first class American Airlines. Once you arrive in Atlanta you will be escorted to the Ellis Hotel where you will stay in the Presidential Suite.

The Atlanta Hawk Experience

Wednesday, Nov. 12th, 7:30pm

Atlanta, GA, United States

Atlanta, GA


1:00pm-2:00pm-:lunch provided by Rathbuns Resaurant.

2:30pm- 4:00pm:VIP tour of the stadium

4:30pm- 5:30pm:meet and greet with the players and coaching staff

5:45pm- 6:45pm: dinner at the stadium

7:30pm-10:30pm: Atlanta Hawks vs Utah Jazz game. Recieve jerseys during halftime.

What is the value for the fans?

The fan that wins the bidding and three guests will get VIP tickets to one Atlanta Hawks game. With these VIP tickets the fan will get to go on a tour of the stadium before the game.The fan will also get to meet all of the Atlanta Hawks players. In addition,the fans will get court side seats and receive a game worn jersey signed by Kyle Korver at halftime.

How do you get to be a Part of the Ultimate Fan Experience?

To be a part of the event you must be one of the four highest bidders at our auction on Monday September, 22. The minimum bid is $25000. All profits will be donated to the Kyle Korver foundation.

More about the Kyle Korver foundation

The Kyle Korver foundation is a foundation which we chose because we feel like what they do is important. What do they do? They help those that are less fortunate than some. They have done projects such as fixing someone's house up because they had children that were wheelchair bound, they built ramps around the house instead of stairs so the children can maneuver around the house with ease. This is just one of the many things they have done to help those that are less fortunate, and we feel like we also do what we can to help those in need.