Jackson Hero or Zero?

Is Andrew Jackson a Hero or a Zero?

The Indian Removal Act

The Indian removal act was a act that forced the native Americans out of there land towards what is now present day Oklahoma. The law said to remove them fairly and peacefully. The president or anyone was not allowed to coerce Indians into giving up land. However, President Jackson and his government frequently ignored the letter of the law and forced Native Americans to vacate lands they had lived on for generations!

Political Cartoon

The political cartoon above shows that he was smart enough to fire all his officials and replace him with his voters. The motto he follows is that "To the victory belong the spoils"

Spoils System

President Jackson was one of the ones who used the spoils system. After winning the election, Jackson fired other employees and took in his own voters to office. This is what "spoiled" President Jackson but was a very smart move so he knew his voters were loyal. Jackson also fired 919 officials and gave the job openings to his voters, which made him have a good presidency.

Jacksons Innaguration

Andrew Jacksons is known to be the craziest president to ever exist. Jacksons Innaguration was at the White House in D.C. where he threw a party for the common man. The party was like no other, people getting drunk and going crazy on the White House lawn. If you do that now, you will go to jail for quite some time. At the inauguration there was hill billy music and a ton of dancing and drinks. Everyone was drunk and that's how Americans are!! Now Jackson was never with the wealthy or eliete and wanted the best for the common man. Which means he would do a lot of things for the good of the common man.

The Nullification Crisis

The Nullification Crisis happened during Andrew Jacksons presidency. What happened was the tariff of 1828 was placed and it was greatly hurting the south. What the 1828 tariff was a tariff that would protect the industrial economy in the north! In the south they called the tariff the Tariff Of Abomination.
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