Create A Country

The Mile Of Life


My new country I created is called The Mile Of Life it is one square mile and is located in the south east hemisphere 20 miles from the equator. I have fruit trees, little town, a river, animals, bushes/shrubs. The river and the vegetation formed by earthquakes and floods.


The climate is tropical with a high of 90 degrees Fahrenheit and they could have bad rain and storms. The rain makes the vegetation grow faster. My country has warm weather and exzodic plants.

Natural Resources

In my country there is gold, lead, tin, diamonds, oil, and gas. It is warm at The Mile Of Life so it makes the fruit trees and the bushes grow faster. At The Mile Of Life there are fruit trees, bushes, and fields. It is easy to live because there is a lot of edible food. If the people cut a tree down they plant another one.


The people at The Mile Of Life go fishing, hunting, and boating in their free time. It makes it fun to live because the warm weather so there are a lot of animals to hunt and fish.


The food and money important to them because they need it to live. I have monarchy because I want it to be easy for the people to live. The adults work at farms or mines till 12:00 and get the rest of the day off. The people who found the country made games for there kids. The natural resources make it easy for the people to live because it gives them a job and money. If they cut a tree down they plant another one.


The currency in pecons. The farms use dirt, plants, and the animals. The jobs are farming and mining. The Mile Of Life is the only land in the world. Pecons are the only money and one piece is = to 1.


A married couple can only have two kids and there are only 26 people at a time on the island. When the country started there was no rulers and now there is one ruler and it is a lot easier to live. It got its name because the island is one square mile. There are only six families at a time and one ruler.