Twelve Days of Tech Tips

or Really Cool Things You Can Do With Google

Day 12 - Google Like a Boss

Or "How to do a better job of finding what you're looking for on Google."

I've learned more about Google the past twelve days than I ever thought possible. What's even more amazing, is that there are plenty more tips and tricks out there for using the world's most powerful search engine, not to mention all the fun or unusual sites the company's computer programmers develop.

Below is an info graphic that includes tips for making more efficient and precise searches. Click here for another great article with search tips to help you get more out of Google.

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Just Some Thoughts I Had

Technology is constantly evolving, and we as educators are challenged to evolve along with it. I recently heard the following quote, "The technology our students are using today, is the worst technology they'll ever use." That's really thought-provoking when you consider what technology will be available to our students twenty or thirty years from now. Think about your past and the technology you used. How does it compare to what we have today? Crazy, right?

It becomes apparent that teaching our students how to use a device is not important. Technology is a tool. Helping our students learn to think critically and creatively, and showing them how to work cooperatively are much more important skills. Technology is the delivery system that makes it fun and relevant.

I'm very grateful to work in a place with so many great and godly educators. Our students are blessed to have you, because you strive for excellence and you push them towards it, as well. Praying that you all have a wonderful time of rest and fun with your families over the holiday. Merry Christmas!

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About Me

This is my first year as the Technology Integration Specialist at Southwest Christian School, Elementary Campus. My goal is to spread the word about all the amazing technology available for our teachers to use in the classroom. God called us to be educators. I believe we should do our best to make learning fun and relevant for our students. Education incorporating the use of technology is just one of the ways we can engage and challenge our students as they become 21st century learners.