Mrs. Latva's Kindergarten Class

What's your super power? 2016-2017

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Language Arts

Students should know how to identify all of their upper case and lower case letters. Out of order, in random sequences.

Student should know all of their letter sounds.

Students should be able to print all of their letters neatly.

Students should be able to print their first and last name correctly, with the first letter capitalized and the rest lower case.

Students should be able to draw a picture and write a few words to match the picture. These words should have at least the beginning letter sound and the ending letter sound.

*by now students are writing at least one sentence. Some are ready to write multiple sentences.

Sight Words To Work On At Home:

We have started working on individual sight words.

The "BOLD" words are what we have learned so far. The other words will be introduced slowly. Students must be able to read these words and spell/write them by the end of the school year. Please make word cards at home a practice these as a family when you have time.








































This Month In Math:

We have learned all of our math facts using numbers 0-5.

Next , we will be learning our math facts up to 10.

Addition facts are easier, subtraction facts are harder to learn.

In math we also learn that "number partners" make a math fact, like 3+2 and 2+3 are number partners that make 5...

We have to learn our numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

We have just finished learning our numbers 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20.

Please practice printing your numbers.

We are counting to 100.

We are counting by 10's.

We are writing our numbers past 20.

We are learning all of our shapes, circle, rectangle, square, triangle, hexagon.

Art Class News from Mrs. Neu

Mrs. Latva's Kindergarten Schedule

Mondays - Gym 1:10-1:55

Tuesdays - Art 1:10-1:55

Wednesdays - Music 1:10-1:55

Thursdays - Art 1:10-1:55

Fridays - Library - 9:40-10:20

Computers 10:50-11:30

*almost every Friday is a "Sale" day. Like popcorn or bake sale. Send in 50¢ or $1 with students each Friday if you would like to participate.

Everyday - Recess 11:50-12:10 & Lunch 12:10-12:30

Parent Links

Being Helpful-April 2017

I look over, and what do I see?

Look at these two! He stopped and helped her do her math facts paper. Such a heart warming moment. This group of students gets along so well! Love these little moments! ❤

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We love our volunteer Mr. Trundle!

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More guest readers! Mrs. Cass came to read to us this week.

March 2017

These two crayon books were so funny!

She also donated the two books to our classroom in honor of Kollin's dad, Kyle Cass, so touching!

Thank you!

Another guest reader - Mrs. Johnson reads a favorite book to us! March 2017

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Our Kindergarten Class - March 2017 - With Mrs. Latva, Miss Jill, Mr. Trundle, and Miss Lorri

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St. Patrick's Day Fun

We painted shamrocks with marshmallows!

Twin girl outfits-just by chance!

March 2017

March is Reading Month

Coach Jewell came into our classroom and read to us today. We learned about being a good sport and about not being a sore loser. He coaches basketball at the middle school.

March 2017

Jump Rope For Heart

The "Kangaroo Kids" from Flushing came for an assembly today. They jump roped for us and taught us about heart health and The American Heart Association.

March 2017


Learning about different types of bird beaks and how they eat.

March 2017

Animal Observations and Learning

We have been watching and learning about April and Oliver the giraffes from New York at the Animal Adventure Park. April's baby is coming soon...

March 2017


Counting & Math

Counting and number partners using Fruit Loops!

March 2017

Firefly Project

Making Fireflies with Bandaids!

So much fun!

February 2017

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Counting & Math Time

Making number partners with Valentine Heart Candies!

Adding and Subtracting

February 2017

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Ninja Turtle Projects

February 2017
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Batman Hand Print Projects

February 2017
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4th Grade Reading Buddies

Thank you to Mrs. Bramble's 4th grade students for reading with us each month!

February 2017

Family Support

Thank you for all of your love and support towards Kollin and his family during their difficult struggle!

February 2017

Students Help Run A Center

Learning 3 letter words

January 2017

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Center Choice Fun

Cold Weather Is Keeping Us Indoors...

January 2017

Merry Christmas!

Our last day before Winter Break:

the Madrigals and high school choirs visit and sing for us

Pajama day


End of the day sing-a-long with Mrs. Hayward


Oh my!!!

Gingerbread Men

We have enjoyed reading many different Gingerbread Man stories the past four weeks!

We all shared yummy cookies too!

December 2016

Weather Patterns Lesson with Miss Melissa from ForMar 12-9-16

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Meet our "Elf on the Shelf" HOLLY!

She surprised us with a visit on Monday, November 28th, and has continued to surprise us each morning!

Congratulations to Zoe and Lucian!

Zoe has a new baby Brother and Lucian has a new baby Sister!

December 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

December 2016

Reading with 4th Grade

November 18, 2016

Tossing old crayons into the basket!

Nothing like getting new crayons!!!

November 2016

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Counting Candy Corn For Math Time

November 2016

Voting DAY!

November 8, 2016

Lego painting in Art Class with Mrs. Neu

November 2016
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Lessons with Mrs. LaBombard

November 2016

Keeping calm and expressing our feelings.

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Making Turkeys with Miss Jill!

November 2016
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Helping Each Other

November 2016
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Bounce House Fun

October 31, 2016

ForMar Visit 10-28-16

Miss Andrea for ForMar visited our classroom today. We had so much fun learning about animals habitats. We also learned about the 5 things that all animals need to live: water, food, air, shelter, and space.

Troubadours From the Flint Symphony Orchestra


Book Bags

We put our book bags together today. We will fill these throughout the year with lots of books and learning items. We will bring them home in the summer time.

October 2016

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We love playing board games with Miss Jill!

Learning while having fun!

October 2016

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Birthday Treats - We graphed our Skittle's before eating them!


5th Grade visits and does center choices with us this afternoon!

September 30th, 2016
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Mrs. Cass came into our classroom and did some science lessons with us!

Oobleck and Liquid Nitrogen!!!

September 27th, 2016