Volume 1, Issue 5

In this issue:

  • Votes needed!!
  • Board meeting minutes
  • Negotiations Update
  • Life Insurance
  • Reminder of contact info


Marleta is trying to be a representative for Washington, DC this July. She desperately needs your votes to be a rep.

Watch the February Communique for the instructions on how to vote for reps. She is in two categories; please vote for her in both categories.

Here is the website to vote. You need your 10 digit number from the newsletter or from your member card.
  • Vote for Marleta Smith in the first category - At-Large Delegates
  • Vote for Marleta Smith in the third category - Electoral District Delegates

    UU 2, UU 10, LWUU Nominees

  • Voting in both categories gives her two chances to be selected.
  • However, the Electoral District Delegate is the best chance to get in.

After you check box your selections, click on 'Review Your Selections.'

Review your selections, (Make sure Marleta's name is listed in the 1st and 3rd category) and click on 'Submit your ballot'

Voting ends March 15!

Thank you so much!


We have a tentative agreement. We are still waiting on insurance numbers to finalize the agreement. Then we will bring it to you to ratify!

Complimentary Life Insurance

If you still need to check on the beneficiary to your ISEA life insurance, contact Kathy Bosovich, the secretary for our unit. She will be able to lead you in the right direction.