CMS Triton News

June 29, 2020

Hello Triton Families,

It's been 77 days since I last saw the 750 amazing students that have filled our CMS campus this school year. As I walked the hallways today, I could've heard a pin drop. I was left with an unfamiliar feeling of sadness as I passed classrooms that are usually filled with energy, curiosity, and excitement. As I stopped to pause in place, I closed my eyes in the hopes of capturing memories that I'm fortunate to always draw upon. I heard the noise of chatter and laughter; students greeting one another, waving hello, shouts of, "Hey, wait up!!" "Was that the bell?" "I'll see you at lunch." The palpable energy that only 750 11-14 year olds can provide set me back in motion as I opened my eyes, laughed out loud, and continued down the hallway smiling and shaking my head back and forth.

To my wonderful Tritons,

Although we didn't get to say goodbye today, we will always be connected through the many memorable moments of accomplishment, kindness, challenge, uncertainty, happiness, and triumph. I'm grateful for the time we've spent together, and I'm so very proud of you. Sending smiles, high fives, hugs and lots of happiness and love your way!!

On behalf of the CMS faculty and staff, we wish you and your family a healthy and happy summer.


Karin Mellina


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