Old Faithful

By: Emma C.

Old Faithful

Old Faithful is a cone-type geyser that its intervals varies from 44 to 125 minutes with an average of 90 to 92 minutes. It was named after the Washburn expedition of 1870. If you would like to know the location of Old Faithful then look at the bottom of the page. It explodes with WATER every 44-125 minutes (intervals).

How was Old Faithful created?

In general, geysers are created when water escapes when the water underground is heated by lava rocks.


Old Faithful is located in Yellowstone National park, so there are a lot of animals near Old Faithful. Some specific animals are antelope, bears, bighorn sheep, bison, bobcats, elk, moose, mountain lions, mule deer, and wolves.

What is a Geyser?

Geyser- a spring characterized by intermittent discharge of water ejected turbulently and accompanied by steam.

Old Faithful Geyser eruption Yellowstone NP

What is a cone geyser?

A cone geyser is a geyser that is either shaped like a cone underground or above ground.


You can find Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is located in Wyoming,USA.
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