Benjamin Franklin

By: Baylor Myers

Benjamin Franklin is a really cool guy and if you ask why then read this and you will find out.

Did Benjamin Franklin help with anything in the Civil War?

"Benjamin Franklin is best know as one of the founding fathers who drafted the Declaration of Independence and the constitution of the United States. Ben Franklin was the first postmaster General of the United States."
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Born: January 17, 1706. Occupation: states man and inventor. Died: April 17,1790 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Lightning Experiment

"Perhaps Ben is most famous for his experiments with electricity. This led to his invention of the lightning rod, which helps to keep building safe from lightning. He did many experiments to prove that lightning is in fact electricity."
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Ben's family

"Benjamin Franklin was born into a large family. His father, Josiah was a candle maker. Ben's father wanted him to take over the family business when he grew up, but he was not interested Ben helped him make candles and soap."
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I told you that Benjamin Franklin was a cool guy, so I hope that you liked you liked it. A couple more fun facts are: "Benjamin Franklin was also a writer, he was a volunteer fireman, Benjamin Franklin was known for inventing the glass harmonica, Benjamin Franklin could speak five languages, during experiments Ben was almost killed twice, Ben created the first insurance companies in the colonies, Benjamin Franklin invented the rocking chair, Ben Franklin owned his first company at the age of 22, 20,000 people attended his funeral."
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