Are you plagiarizing?

Learn more about plagiarizing!

What is plagiarism?

  • Copying someones work and saying it is your own
  • Copying and pasting quotes or passages without giving credit to the source through a reference page and in text citations
  • Not giving the correct information in a quote or passage
  • Changing a few words and calling it your own work

Need to know more?

Click on a link to read more about plagiarizing:
Plagiarizing PowerPoint

Citation Websites to Make it Easy!

Citation websites have been around for a little while and make MLA and APA formatting much easier! We used to have to write the citation by ourselves without an easy website! Check out these websites for a fast bibliography or reference page for your next assignment!

Don't plagiarize! Write your own work!

Just Remember...

Just remember when you are working on a project or paper to always give credit to the sources that you use. Better safe than sorry! If in doubt, make sure you ask a media specialist or trusted teacher. Consequences for plagiarism include warnings, office referrals, and many times failure of the class.

Who Can I Talk To?

Come visit our school library to talk to the media specialist more about plagiarizing!