The PILL!!!!!

Birth Control....

Teens now a days are gonna have sex. So you might as well go get some birth control or condoms. To me the pill is NUMBER 1!!!!
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How It Works!

Birth control pills are made of hormones. These hormones control how your body works. The hormones are estrogen and progestin. What the pill does is keeps egg from leaving the ovaries, because if the sperm cant reach the egg then no baby! It also makes cervical mucus thicker and harder for the sperm to reach the egg.
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Ups and Downs!!.....

There are ups and downs to birth control. The ups are it protects you from getting prego, bad cramps, and it can kinda take your period away. It also protects you from cervical cancer and stuff like that. Sadly there are downs to the pill. The main is that it wont protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.
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