Project 4 summary

Laser engraved Chess board

Product summary

Title-Laser engraving

Software used- Illustrator

Machines used- Laser engraver, Universal

Cost $3.80 per board

How this Product would be desirable?

This product is very desirable for users that are in to playing chess on interesting boards.

It will be most used by users that like chess and could be sold as a gift board or a commemorative board.

What obstacles did i face?

The laser engraving machine was not co-operating with my original design, which had two american flags a outlines, so i had to remove the outlines for the cutting and engraving to proceed.

Why were you proud of this project?

This project took time and thought to make because i wanted to capture the Fourth of July in the board while also making the board fun and usable.

Big image

Chess Board

The lines in between the squares didn't turn out as well as i would have wanted.