dimensioning rules for drafting

drafting 1

Rule 1

Every Dimention should be shown clearly so to not create confution.

Rule 2

There should not be multiple forms of the same measurement .

Rule 3

Place the dimension to show the Shape and form of the object.

Rule 4

Should not have long extentions and leader lines

Rule 5

Dimensions should be placed clearly between veiws especialy if it applies to both views.

Rule 6

Allways use the centerline symbol or note to show symatry. Do not assume it is semetrical.

Rule 7

The space inbetween dementions should be consestant.

Rule 8

The dimensions should be horizontal or vertical if possible.

Rule 9

Crossing demension lines should be avoided when possible.

Rule 10

Make sure to use notes, abbreviations and symbols to show manny times the Dimension is applied.