First Grade News

May 11th-15th

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Reading Happenings

Comprehension Strategy: Cause and Effect

Sight Words: went, men, read, need, land

Phonics Pattern: variant vowel /ar/ (chair, stair, square, scare, pear, bear......)

Math Happenings

Unit 10: Measurement

Estimate and measure length in inches.

Estimate and measure length in centimeters.

Measure sides of rectangles in inches or centimeters to identify squares.

Phonics…what used to be known as spelling!

Each week we will focus on a particular letter pattern. The purpose of these lessons is for your child to become familiar with how to decode and correctly spell the words that follow the letter pattern.

Each Friday students will have a spelling test. The spelling test is not a set of words, but rather words that use the letter pattern. Each week you will be able to find the letter pattern on our website by finding first grade.

Fire Safety

!st grade will be learning about fire safety this week. A Brooklyn Park Fire fighter will be coming to talk to our class about fire safety. We will get to see the equipment firemen wear and will get a tour of the fire truck.
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A Peek Ahead......

* Next weeks sight words: different, home, us, move, try

* Next weeks phonics pattern: variant vowel /oo/ ( drool, food, blue, true, grew, screw....)

* Last day of school Thursday, June 4th

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