All About Ghost

By Wil

Multiple Intelligence

I am intelligent in three different ways I'm nature smart, people smart, and picture smart. I'm these three things because I learn better when I work with other people, when I'm around nature and when I see what I am doing.

Right brain and left brain

I am more intelligent on the right side of my brain because I am good at sports, I enjoy making up my own drawings and I can multitask with lots of stuff like doing home work and playing ninja painter or playing games, watching Netflix and making a sandwich but in my left side I'm only good at doing math.

Learning styles

We answered questions in a test to show us what kind of learning style we are good and it turns that I am good all three learning styles visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners because I need to walk around because I can't stay in the same spot for to long eventually I will get up and walk, I also need to hear what i'm learning and I need to see what i'm learning.
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