End GMO Use

By: Tanya Koshy

Say no to GMOs

  • GM foods may pose a health threat to some children and Gm foods could cause bacteria in our stomachs to pick up antibiotic-resistant genes.
  • GM crops hurts small farmers.
  • GM crops hurt the environment
  • There is a fear that some pesticides will cause some some insects such as the mosquito to be "superbug" resistant to the pesticides being used.
  • GM technology is thought to be unnatural to GM agriculture
  • GM foods get very little attention to and poor regulation.
  • The US does not label GM foods so the consumers such as you don't know what you are eating so if you get sick there is no way to trace it back to the source.
  • GM foods are too vaguely looked over and not overseen regularly.


  • The sickness and potential death of children and people with allergies because soem GM foods are thought to produce an allergen.
  • Risks in antibiotic-resistant genes in GM foods that bacteria take up.
  • GM crops are too expensive for small farmers so they would be in a deep debt or forced off their land.
  • Pollutes the soil and water with the toxic chemicals that are used on the crops.