Art Room News

Last Minute Updates before the Upcoming Holiday!

Art Fee Reminder...again!

Out of 158 students this semester 103 students have paid their art fee!! We are two thirds of the way there! If you know your student has yet to pay their art fee please send it along so we can provide the best artistic experience for your student! We'll accept it any time :)

The Art Room Christmas Wish List!

The art room is always in need of recyclable materials! Especially since I'm a sculpture teacher! I can reuse anything!

-Plastic containers with lids

-Dry Cleaning Bags (for wrapping pottery)

-Glass Bottles

- Newspaper


-Scrap Wood

-Sticks (from your yard)

- Old Kitchenware (blenders, rolling pins, mixing spoons)

-Metal Cans


-Styrofoam Egg Cartons

-discarded tools or hardware

-Plastic Parmesan Cheese Shakers

Send these along with your student! We would be so grateful to have an abundance of these items! And if you have anything you think we might be able to use let us know!

I also provide art community service hours to art club members for bringing in these items!

End of the Semester Grades, Finals, and Review!

As you all know Christmas Break is fast approaching! Please look in HAC for your students missing assignments! Late assignments may be turned in up to THIS Wednesday 12/9/15!

Final exams are, contrary to popular belief, administered in art classes! Our final will be a multiple choice assessment over all the vocabulary and techniques we have learned this semester. Your student will have a study guide going home with them this Friday!