Cory Booker

New Jersey Senator

Political Experience In Newark

  • Came Mayor of Newark in 2006.
  • Won by the largest margin of votes in Newark history.
  • Responsible for Newark's biggest economic growth since 1960.
  • He is a Democrat.
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  • Booker became a New Jersey Senator in 2013.
  • He is in 8 committee.
  • He is the Senate committee on commerce science and transportation.
  • Aviation operations, safety, and security.
  • Communication, technology, and the internet.
  • Consumer protection, product safety, and insurance.
  • Ocean, Atmosphere, Fisheries, Coast Guard.
  • Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine Infrastructure, Safety, and Security.
  • Environment and Public Works.
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship.
  • He has missed 1 of 91 role call votes which is 1.1%.
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Background Information

  • Born in Washington D.C. and grew up in Harrington Park N.J.
  • Graduated from Northern Valley Regional High School.
  • Stanford All-American.
  • Awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford and he earned hi juris doctor at Yale.
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  • Avid social media user.
  • Has over a million followers on Twitter.
  • He has been known to shovel people's drive ways, deliver food, and answer fire distress calls while mayor of Newark.
  • He loves hot pockets.
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