Animal Cruelty

Meet a furry baby and fall in love

Why harm innocent animals?

Animals are harmed every day and just because they arent capable for speaking for themselves doesnt mean we should take advantage. For example if a child with autism who couldnt fight back was being bullied would it bother you ? I sure hope so! why you may ask ? because they are defenseless and can't speak up. its the same concept for animals, all they are in search for is love and support but instead find nasty people who torture, beat, bet them to kill or be killed and people act like its the most reasonable thing out there. well its not. they have feelings too and just because they cant speak out doesnt mean they dont hurt.

What can you do to help ?

Report it when you see dog fights, because of these most dogs get branded with being bad dogs when in all honesty its not the dog but the owner. if you ever feel there has been dog abuse or suspcious of it report it.. Its better to be safe then sorry. i know everyone has at least seen 1 video showing an animal getting tortured and where enraged .. take that anger and turn it into something helpful. help us stop the torture.

Animals have rights and feelings too .. Stand up & be there voice.

STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY by Nichole337 Song by Michael Jackson Earth Song