Media Literacy final project

Kayla Fromm

Internet privacy

  • Finding romance
  • Seeking a new job
  • Giving and getting product
  • Fraud or identity theft
  • Cyberbullying
  • Invasion of privacy

3 things that should be kept private

  • Company information
  • Social plans
  • Address or phone number

What a bad post can do

  • A business owner will always look for how you are perceived to the public, on any social media. If you have a picture on or you're tagged in on it that could be captioned "that's not how it looks" you should always untag or delete the picture, no matter how funny it is.


What is it?
  • It is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending intimidating or threatening messages.


  • Creating a fake profile and impersonation someone

How does it escalate?

  • It escalates by people not reporting it and also the person who is getting bullied replying to the bully. It sometimes escalates to suicide

What can the victim do?

  • They can block the person, delete the profile, or tell an adult and to de-escalate you can not respond or talk about it to other peers
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Persuasive advertising

  • They both look refreshing and seems both say they are the best kind of their product


  • One has a person and the other just has the product

What is the messenger trying to accomplish?

  • In both ads they are trying to prove that they have the best product

What audience?

  • They are both targeting girls around teens or younger adults

Body image

Do you think it's ethical to change somebody's body image?
  • No, I don't think it's ethical or the right thing to do because as a female it would make me feel less confident if somebody wanted to change the way my body looked by making me look smaller and giving a false idea of how I really was.

What stereotype effects does the media cause?

  • I think the stereotypes in the media make guys or girls afraid to do what the media thinks is wrong, even though its not.

Violence in the media

What effect does it have on children?

  • I think the effect it has on children is they think it's okay to be violent because they always think people will recover from it and that's what it portrays.

Do you agree with the statement?

  • Yes, I do agree because when kids see that when they are that young they think that's how things are in the real world and that's when they start hitting and acting like they are killing people.

Media usage

What would be the hardest to give up?

  • I think the hardest to give up would be twitter because I always get on it when I'm bored and sometimes I don't even notice I'm on it because I'm on it so often.That shows that technology plays a big role in my life.

Do you think teens make themselves look different online?

  • Yes, I think teens feel pressured because they see somebody getting more likes or retweets then them and they automatically wanna do the same thing to be popular like them. Guys and girls feel different pressures because they both wanna be popular in different ways.