Messed up Parents

Why do some parents kick their kids out of the house?

who am I ?

whats the deal , my name is deshon jamison and im a senior at schlagle high school. growing up i kinda had it hard and never been in a stable home. me and my mom and brothers use to move from house to house, just tryna get it together and it was hard.

what i hope to learn

i hope to learn why some parents feel the need to kick their kids to the streets if something goes wrong at home, or if they're issues between the two . i hope to learn do some parents feel bad for doing so or if they just dont care.

what i hope others will learn

i hope others will learn the reasons behind these parents actions and just to learn about how the kids who have been kicked out of their homes feel and what their going through.

my procces

growing up i never really been in a stable home and neither was my mom in her younger days and i have been kicked out of home many of times over any and everything and i always wonder why it was soo easy for my mom to do so , i always wondered why out of all the punishments she could of gave me, why would she kick me out to the streets? i thought i was the only one who experiences this, so i did my research and found videos on other teens who have also been what i been through or is currently going through what i been through.
family problems

these are some of the horrible situations some teens have to go through cause of their parents. its sad

homeless teens

homeless teens