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January 29, 2016

Thinking Topic...

Read my letter to the parents in the parent newsletter and let me know what you think! PS. There is a challenge embedded in there for you.

Have a happy weekend!

Did You Know???

The staff favorite sheets are uploaded onto the PTA website. Check it out if you are wondering about anyone's favorite thing...


ESL Exam Preparation

FISD will host another ESL exam preparation class via Region 10, Super Saturday, February 6, at the CTE. Registration will be available on the Region 10 website. Please contact Merideth Choate if you have any questions.

Newsworthy Knights...

Mrs. Steele & Mr. Thacker

For always being so willing to talk about ways to help our students...even if that means staying late on a Friday afternoon! You guys are AWESOME!

All Telpas Raters

You guys were so awesome to stick it out & attentively listen to Mrs. Gray! We appreciate your positive attitudes! Go TELPAS!

Kristen Buhler

Title: The Sweet in the Seat

By: Dr. Norris Knight

The sun did shine,

it was warm to play.

But you sit up front,

on this warm Friday.

Phones keep on ringing.

Parents with kids too.

And I said, "How I wish

you had less to do".

Too busy to go out.

Even to walk the halls.

When will it end?

With all the phone calls.

Taking care of us as you

Sit, Sit, Sit, Sit.

And we appreciate it,

every single bit.

And then,

something went RING!

How that ring made you SPRING!

You looked!

You're alone.

You looked!

And you saw it!

It was the telephone.

You picked it up. I said,

"I love to hear your tone".

"I know you're busy,

hold on to your seat.

Did you know,

You're always so sweet!"

I forgot the attendance,

not to complain.

Thanks for understanding,

it's just my brain.

You keep things smooth,

you keep things right.

We're so glad

you're a Norris Knight!

Birthdays Coming This Week...

2/3: Valerie Nguyen


Here is the Parent Newsletter for this week: