Bear Creek Third Grade

Week of April 19 to April 23

News and Announcements

Our Bear Creek Dance Fit will start this Wednesday (4/14)! Some 3rd grade families have already started fundraising, which is awesome!

We understand every family is in a different place this year, so do not worry! There are ways to get involved without spending any money. :)


  • Refer to your class' "Week at a Glance" for the accurate schedule, times and small groups. We have seen a lot of success with setting timers and printing the "Week at a Glance" to keep students on track.

  • We have virtual office hours during W.I.N. time every day.

Learning This Week

  • Math: We will learn how to input data and organize information!

  • Science: We are learning about life on Earth and celebrating Earth Day.

  • ELA: We are reviewing our reading strategies and doing a deep dive on how to analyze one text.

Big picture