1A's Classroom News

April 17, 2015

What have we been doing?

This week we watched a fantastic video interview with Tomie dePaoloa. He was so entertaining and had the children mesmerized. He spoke about how as a child he loved to draw and write. He always wanted to an artist and write books, which he does! He demonstrated some of his drawing techniques which the children quickly were trying to mimic. Ask your child what he/she learned from the interview!

I brought the idea of "One Boston Day" to class on Wednesday. We all strived to be kind in some way throughout the day. I asked the children to "mix it up" a little at recess and play with someone new or play a different game. The children seemed excited about this and more aware of the many kindnesses around them.

Also on Wednesday, were our long awaited gymnastics sentences! They were impressive! Congratulations to all of the first graders for learning all of the movements and performing in front of all of those adults.

In math, we have been interpreting graphs and data. We have also been practicing math facts on Xtra Math, using math apps on the ipads, and playing a new math game (Number Race). We will begin a new chapter when we return from vacation which will focus on the "Number Line Hotel" and adding ten to large numbers.

Now that the weather has been beautiful and we could get outside, we have been taking nature walks to observe the changes around us. We look, listen, and feel. The book The Listening Walk by Paul Showers inspired us.

Poetry has been the focus for our writing. So far, we have learned to write a cinquain, a list poem, and a rhyming poem. Read some poetry instead of fiction or non-fiction for a change. Children especially love silly, nonsense poems (i.e. Shel Silverstein).


Last week I attended a committee focused on school and student health and the Massachusetts Reading Conference. Both had similar themes of embracing the innate curiosity that children have and keeping it throughout adulthood. There was also a lot of discussion around unstructured play (which allows children to explore their own curiosity), reading for the joy of reading, and getting lots of sleep.

So, I hope over spring break all of you find something that sparks your curiosity, get time to play, get lost in something you are reading, and rest!

Susan Audibert