By: Pawan Singh

My learning goals for the unit

-Understanding how to work with Sin, Cos, and Tan better.

-Understanding word problems.

Summary of the unit


Domain - The set of all possible inputs of a function.

Function - An operation that assigns a correspondence from elements of one set to elements of another set.

Period - The repeating interval of a periodic function; the period of a function is a real number.

Periodic Function - A function that repeats itself in regular intervals; it follows this equation: f (x + c) = f (x) , where c is a constant.

Range - The set of all possible outputs of a function.

Reference Angle - The positive acute angle formed between the terminal side of an angle and the x-axis.

Rule - The part of a function that dictates the exact correspondence between the elements of one set and the elements of another set.

Trigonometric Functions - There are six trigonometric functions: Sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant, and cotangent.

Unit Circle - The circle whose center is at the origin and whose radius is one.


Word Problem

A 20 foot ladder rests against a wall. The ladder makes a 55 degree angle with the ground. How far from the wall is the base of the ladder?

Cos55 Degrees=X/20



Basic Trigonometry