Albert Einstein

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Biographical Info

  • Born March 14, 1879
  • Died April 18, 1955
  • Was born in Germany, into a Jewish family
  • Known for Theory of Relativity
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Thesis: Albert Einstein's hard work and creativity helped him be one of the greatest scientists ever.

Albert Einstein was amazed by the hidden wonders of the world, and what you could do. Even as a small boy Einstein was self-sufficient and thoughtful.He learned to talk at 3, and waited to choose his word before he spoke. He was truly amazed at a compass his dad gave him to play when Albert was 5. He loved to build complex structures out of cards. Also, Einstein displayed his talent for mathematics at a very young age and was introduced to key concepts and texts by the age of ten.

Einstein's dad owned a electrical business. When the business failed in 1894 (He was 15), the Einsteins moved to Milan, Italy. Albert was left behind to finish his schooling in Munich, but he did so poorly that he was soon asked to leave school. One teacher is reported to have told him "You will never amount to anything, Einstein." (Qtd McGrath) Einstein left Munich eagerly to rejoin his family. After he joined his family, Einstein devoted himself to the one subject that really interested him, math. Over a period of six months, he taught himself calculus and higher mathematics.

Because Einstein was so interested in math and science, he wanted to attend the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. However, he was not accepted into the school when he took the exam in 1895 (He was 16). Instead, he went to another school in Switzerland where he learned about physics, which was the type of science he would end up studying for most of his life. By 1896, Einstein had been accepted to the Swiss school he really wanted to attend. When he got his degree 4 years later (He was 21), he didn't do too well,. But, He graduated in 1900 as a high school math and physics teacher.

For some reason, Einstein never ended up teaching high school. In 1902 (He was 23), he got a job as an examiner at the Swiss Patent Office. While working there, he started exploring his scientific theories and wrote about them. He gave a Swiss college the very first paper he wrote, and that earned him a PhD. The ideas that Einstein wrote about in his papers changed the way people saw the world. He developed a new theory about the way light travels, thus laying the groundwork for the invention of the television, among other things.

Thesis Analysis

Albert Einstein's creativity when he was young shows how productive he could be, and that he can do great things when he grows up. He loved his family, and wanted to be there. When his dad's business failed, his family moved, and Albert learned about different places. One of his teachers told him that he will fail, influencing him to prove the teacher wrong. Einstein liked math, so he liked his job. When he failed the test for the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, he went to a school for physics, which was good because he would study Physics for the rest of his life.