Daniel - Diamond Boursa

Mission: Get 1000 users with #boursa


Reach critical mass on the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange. Today there are over 3000 members and 13,000 workers in the 'boursa', of which 1/3 are Haredi.

Deadline: 30 days after launch (preferably having file transfer + targeted examples)

5 Steps to success

  1. Create a landing page (using Istapage or dnhey.com) showing the use case + instructions on how to define profile.

  2. Build email and phone list from IDEX, Rappnet and other sources. Consider adding jewelry companies in the area.

  3. Prepare newsletters for launch. Create SMS and Whatsapp message for sharing with link to download.

  4. Explore ways of advertising free/cheap in the boursa such as notice boards, JV with official groups (such as Jeweler's guild) or publications. Consider note paper or stickers with hashtag or search term (find me on DNHey "xxx").

  5. Launch, test and optimize. If needed, use re-targeting advertising.